Holistic Mentoring

Holistic Mentoring

Have you ever felt that you aren’t really getting where you want to get to, no matter what you try?

Do you feel that your career is stuck in low gear?

Do you find yourself doing the same old, same old, time after time and nothing seems to get you out of there?

Do you wish that you had more money (New Age code word – abundance) for what you need and want in life?

Have you tried all those “become abundant” affirmations and programs, only to find they don’t work for you?

Maybe what you need is a Holistic Mentor
What’s a Holistic Mentor?

A Holistic Mentor is someone who combines

  • Real life successful business experience
  • Understanding of the basic functioning of the mind/body/spirit connection
  • Compassion
  • Firmness
  • Focus
  • Understanding of the life journey

and shares these with those who present themselves.

Mentoring is not the same as coaching, although there are often overlaps in some areas. The key factor is that a mentor possesses real life experiences in the area addressed and is able to relate those life lessons to the challenges faced by the person being mentored.
“At a time when I needed to make important decisions about my path and direction, Robert was there to listen and direct me in ways that helped me alter the course of my life and affect it in a positive way.  His non-judgmental attitude and ability to zero in on the problem helped me become aware of ideas and solutions. This was a gift.”
J.D., Ottawa, Ontario

Robert Vibert is well suited to act as a mentor for those looking to change gears, enhance their career, start a venture, etc. He has more than 20 years of business experience, having started several companies and taking them over the million dollar mark in sales. He also worked as a top-ranked systems analyst for a number of years, assisting other companies with their re-engineering efforts.

Robert has an easy, confident, and supportive mentoring style. I feel creative and inspired when working with him on my goals. He helps me take my ideas to the next level by assisting me in operationalizing the steps and setting up a plan I can live with. What seemed impossible, suddenly is in reach! I would highly recommend his services to anyone wanting to start or grow their business.
Shelly Pinnell, LISW, Columbus Ohio

Robert’s experience and skills are not limited to the business world. Since 2001, he has been intensely studying what really stops people from advancing towards their goals.

The site Real Personal Growth explores his elegant model of Fix and Enhance. Most people trying to move forward are using enhancement tools, studying business models, using affirmations and all kinds of props and tools to try to overcome blocks. Unfortunately, this approach is rarely successful, as the blocks are held in place with emotional anchors. They actually need to do some personal fixing first.

Robert’s ability to help clients delve down into the inner core of the block and release it is what distinguishes his approach from others. While having willpower is important, it is far more important to use the most effective tools and to identify what is needed. Working smart, not working hard.


* One-off mentoring sessions: C$100 for up to 1 hour.
* Package of 5 sessions (typical duration, 1 hour each) $480
* Package of 10 sessions (typical duration, 1 hour each) $900

American clients are exempt from the GST at 5% which is payable by Canadian clients.

These rates are valid until Dec 31st, 2009.

“Robert takes the time to listen with his heart & responds by asking questions & restating your comments with total clarity as he touches your soul. He guides you to a place of inner peace. He helps you read the signs & messages that are arising everywhere. He puts a smile on your face & in your heart. Be prepared to laugh & learn. He helps turn your crossroads into pathways.”
D.O., Massachusetts

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