Where Robert Vibert has been quoted or profiled

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Institute for Global Ethics
July 7, 2003
University Refuses to Halt Course on Writing Computer Viruses
About.com Virus Writing 101
Computing Canada
June 6, 2003
Security Experts Blast Virus Class
June 26, 2003
The triple threat: viruses, worms and hacker attacks are on the rise
June, 2003
Interview by CBC Radio concerning the University of Calgary’s virus writing course.
PC World
May 30th, 2003
Class on Virus Creation Draws Industry Ire
May 27, 2003
University of Calgary: Malware class stays on the sked
May 26, 2003
Computer science class has students make malware
Globe and Mail
May 26th, 2003
Groups cry foul over malware course
March 2003
First usage of the term whitelist
Josef Hitzinger‘s web site How to filter ms e-mail worms
April 24, 2002
Quoted with regard to why viruses continue to be a problem in the story Old viruses never really go away
March 28, 2002
Mentioned in the context of no real progress being made in the AV field since Melissa in the article Tre år sen Melissa
The Register
March 26, 2002
Quoted concerning the opinion piece about anti-virus razor blades
Computing Canada
February 1, 2002
Quoted concerning the Miraware Oasis email anti-virus device.
ComputerWorld Canada
January 11, 2002
Quoted concerning the Finjan and McAfee agreement
October 25, 2001
In the piece, MS security: Too much information?, talks about the need for software companies to properly secure their code.
October 8, 2001
Quoted concerning the Anti-Virus Information Exchange Network
Dow Jones Newswires
Sept 20, 2001
Quoted concerning the Nimda worm attack (local copy of story – no link available)
Network World
Sept 7, 2001
Quoted concerning Network Associates WebShield device to defend against malicious code
InfoSecurity Magazine
Sept, 2001
Quoted concerning best practices to defend against malicious code and the SkyScan AV service provided by MessageLabs.
SC Magazine
August 2001
Quoted concerning best practices to defend against malicious code in email
Globe and Mail
August 1st, 2001
Interview concerning the Code Red worm aftermath. (This publication does not store content longer than 7 days on their site)
August 1st, 2001
Interview by CBC Radio in Halifax concerning the Code Red worm aftermath.
CBC TV – The National
July 31st, 2001
Interview by CBC TV concerning the potential for an Internet meltdown caused by Code Red.  The clip that showed on the air is here (10MB in size; requires QuickTime to view).
July 30th, 2001
Interview by CBC Radio in Quebec City concerning the Code Red worm and its implications.
Computing Canada
July 27, 2001 
Constant Virus Vigil Quoted Robert Vibert concerning the costs of viruses.
July 27th, 2001
Interviews by CBC Radio in Toronto, St. John’s, Quebec City, Edmonton, Whitehorse, Vancouver, and Winnipeg concerning the SirCam virus and its implications.
ComputerWorld Canada
June 1, 2001
Quoted concerning the SULFNBK.EXE hoax
Washington Post
April 13, 2001 
Anti-Virus Firms Target PDA Market, but Is Threat Real?
Quoted Robert Vibert, now a columnist at VMYTHS.com, concerning the PDA virus threat.
Computing Canada
March 28, 2001
  The virus no one cared about
Quoted Robert Vibert, Moderator of AVIEN  concerning a boring new Linux virus.
The VMYTHS site
Feb. 2, 2001
Quoted Robert Vibert, Moderator of AVIEN (Anti-Virus Information Exchange Network) concerning Microsoft non-disclosure
The VMYTHS site
October 2000
Home of virus hoax slaying Rob Rosenberger
Quoted Segura President Robert Vibert on why only a few Fortune 500 people attended the VB2000 conference.
Computing Canada
August 4, 2000
IT’s battle ground: The quest for virus protectionSeeking the Cause and Prevention of The Common Virus
General overall view of the current virus wars; quotes Robert Vibert several times.
Monitor Magazine
June 2000
Loveletter Lessons
An article about the LoveLetter virus; quotes Robert Vibert several times.
The Cariboo Computer Magazine  When Anti-virus software is a waste of money Talks about the problem of buying Anti-Virus software and leaving it on the shelf.
The Ottawa Citizen
Entrepreneur profile
A generally accurate profile. Bonus points to the reader for spotting the attempt at producing a balanced story by using a spurious qualifying remark.
Monitor Magazine Suites Wars The implications of viruses on the decision to buy Corel WordPerfect Suite or Microsoft Office.
Globe and Mail, 1996 Discusses the outbreak of the Concept virus
Computing Canada, July 1996 Virus Prevalence article