Consulting Work


Anti-Virus Related

Since 1992, Robert Vibert has been assisting organizations both big and small with their Anti-Virus solutions. He has worked as a consultant to banks, insurance companies, government departments, and large industrial & commercial organizations.

He has helped them evaluate the threats they face from viruses, identify their needs, match their needs with the Anti-Virus options available and then implement the solutions.He has a extensive experience in assisting organizations obtain realistic and cost-effective solutions to meet their needs and reduce their overall virus-related costs. A few examples:

  • Working with the internal security specialists, Mr. Vibert prepared a global Anti-Virus plan for a large Canadian financial institution with over 5,000 networked workstations in offices across North America, Europe, and Asia. As a result, the original estimated cost for the deployment of the Anti-Virus software was reduced by over $150,000
  • In late 1995, a major Canadian financial institution was faced with a virus infection which was spiraling out of control – over 100,000 of their documents had been infected by the Concept macro virus and a week’s effort by seven of their technicians had hardly made a dent in the problem. Using the recovery plan developed by Mr. Vibert this organization was able to systematically clean up and restore their operations in a short period of time, with no cases of re-infection.
  • A major Canadian power utility with over 10,000 workstations implemented an Anti-Virus Solution designed by Robert Vibert. Within 6 months, this organization reported a 63% drop in virus incidents at the server level.
  • A major public institution located on the East coast was faced with mounting virus infection costs. Mr. Vibert’s expert advice aided this organization in developing alternate approaches to their virus problem and these resulted in the first 12 month period with no recorded virus infections in the organization’s history.
  • A key Canadian Federal Government department hired Mr. Vibert to review their anti-malware defense strategy.
  • The Canadian Treasury Board and RCMP hired Mr. Vibert to provide guidance into mounting anti-malware defenses for their Government On-Line project.
  • An Anti-Virus vendor contracted with Mr. Vibert to provide insights into customer needs, product feasibility and strategic direction. We’d tell you more,but he signed an NDA and can’t.


Computer Systems Related

From 1985 to 1992, Robert Vibert practiced as an advisor and implementation coordinator for a number of organizations in Europe. Some of the projects he lead include:

  • A major Portuguese vertically integrated manufacturer of leather products and consumer packaging materials required an extensive update to their accounting, finance control, inventory, purchasing and sales systems. Robert Vibert conducted extensive interviews and analysis with the key players involved in all areas, designed a completely new integrated software system and worked closely with the programming team to coordinate the development and implementation.
  • One of the largest Portuguese paint manufacturers, with factories and sales outlets across Portugal and Spain, engaged Robert Vibert for ongoing system analysis and refinement over several years. During this time, his advice was used in the upgrading of numerous systems, including the inventory control, quality control, sales and financial analysis.
  • A multinational Swiss-based chemical corporation engaged Robert Vibert to redesign their factory and quality control systems as well as supervise the selection and implementation of a new computer and software system with telecommunication to all their locations in Portugal.